Structured Cabling

IT network services to optimize your technology and reduce operating costs

Increase the speed and reliability of your business’s IT network while reducing costs and safety risks with iWire Networks

A poorly designed and maintained business IT network causes service disruptions, a steady rise in expenses, and even safety risks from exposed cable snags and overheating machines. Not to mention, if your customers experience slow Wi-Fi or their business takes too long to process, it will negatively impact their entire experience with your company. If your workplace network is poorly designed, outdated, or improperly maintained, all of these problems compound over time and cost you even more.

If you want a fast, efficient, and safe physical network, partner with iWire Networks . We’ll put together a combination of servers, switches, cables, wires, and any other hardware you need in a solution that’s tailored to your needs, location, and price range. You’ll have more usable floor space, reduced operating costs, fewer network disruptions, and lower risk, not to mention happier customers and a lot fewer things to worry about.

Structured Cabling from iWire Networks gives you:

  • Customized solutions for internet, voice, surveillance, PA, and any other kind of wiring or cabling your business needs
  • An expertly designed network that fails less and allows for faster speeds
  • Reduced cooling and energy costs, as well as reduced risk of injury or damage
  • Expert network maintenance and support services whenever you need them for a flat monthly fee

iWire Networks ’s network technicians are highly certified, so you know you’re getting the best services from knowledgeable experts

  • compTIA A+
  • compTIA Network+
  • compTIA Security+
  • CCNA
  • Microsoft
  • vmware