Cutting-edge systems to increase efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction without breaking your budget

With our bar solutions, you’ll be drowning in profits while your patrons drown in whatever they want with less hassle

Efficiency is key for a bar, whether you are the owner trying to reduce loss, a bartender trying to get through a shift without pulling out your hair, or a patron just trying to get your next drink. Outdated technology hampers these goals, but iWire Networks ’s suite of integrated bar solutions helps you meet them without going over budget.

Our solutions keep your crowd happy with features that speed up their ordering process, like one-touch reorders and streamlined tab management. To keep management happy, iWire Networks ’s tech reduces loss with POS video monitoring, automatic price changes for happy hour, automated EOD processes, and more. Even your bartenders will love our solutions when they are able to easily enter special orders and instantly look up drink recipes from the Bartender’s Bible.

Our bar solutions include:

  • Point of sale systems with automatic age verification, scan data integration, and more
  • Payment systems that accept every card type and support EMV and contactless payments
  • Inventory and delivery control solutions that manage vendors, monitor stock counts in real time, integrate with third-party navigation services, and more
  • Menu solutions that allow you to enter guests’ orders fast and easily, configure pre-set menus for special occasions, enable tableside ordering, and much more
  • Employee management software that creates work schedules, monitors performance, detects fraud, streamlines onboarding and training, and much more

Plus, our in-house Technical Support team is available 24/7,
so whenever you need assistance, help is just a phone call away!