Convenience Stores

Cutting-edge systems to increase efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction without breaking your budget

Your business makes life easier for everyone, iWire Networks ’s solutions will return the favor

More than most businesses, convenience stores like yours have unique requirements when it comes to POS software and systems. The need for speed, accuracy, and accountability are paramount, as errors and theft are common drains on revenue. Thankfully, technology now exists to help you meet these needs affordably, and iWire Networks will ensure you are able to take full advantage of it.

We’ll implement a customizable register solution that is touch screen-based, enabling your cashiers to quickly and accurately ring up sales, reducing customer wait times and frustration. Our team can also provide inventory management solutions that allow you to do things like track stock in real time and perform case breakouts for items such as single packs of cigarettes with manual entries. Combined with our other convenience store solutions (such as CCTV), iWire Networks will help you cut costs, reduce loss, raise customer satisfaction, and much more.

Our Convenience Store solutions include:

  • Point of sale systems with automatic age verification, scan data integration, and more
  • Payment systems that accept every card type and support EMV and contactless payments
  • Inventory control solutions that manage vendors, monitor stock counts in real time, and more
  • Money order solutions that allow customizable service fees based on the amount of the order
  • Employee management software that creates work schedules, monitors performance, detects fraud, streamlines onboarding and training, and much more

Plus, our in-house Technical Support team is available 24/7,
so whenever you need assistance, help is just a phone call away!