Cutting-edge systems to increase efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction without breaking your budget

Grow Your Business with a POS System That’s a Cut Above the Rest

Your salon or spa may be a great place for your customers to relax, but that’s only because they don’t understand how chaotic running a business like yours can be. Juggling bookings, employees and/or renters, payments, and inventory while trying to create a good experience for customers can slow down your services and lead to errors. These problems, in turn, lead to dissatisfied customers and a blow to your business’s profitability.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have technology handle all the time-consuming management tasks so you can focus on your customers? Well, that is exactly what iWire Networks is offering with our comprehensive suite of solutions. Our products and services streamline your day-to-day operations, provide valuable customer data and reporting, easily manage bookings, and much more to give you all the tools you need to help your salon thrive.

Our salon solutions include:

  • Point of sale systems with intuitive registers, customizable buttons, scanner options, and more
  • Payment systems with tip adjust features that accept every card type and support EMV and contactless payments
  • Inventory control solutions that manage vendors, monitor stock counts in real time, and more
  • Customer and appointment management software that generates useful data, manages bookings and reminders, and runs promotions
  • Employee and renter management software that creates work schedules, monitors performance, matches customers to preferred specialists, and more

Plus, our in-house Technical Support team is available 24/7,
so whenever you need assistance, help is just a phone call away!